Advanced Geotechnical Solutions (AGS) recently purchased a new GeoJac Automatic Consolidation Test Machine. The machine allows AGS to provide more data information in geotechnical reports to clients in a highly efficient manner, in turn making more accurate and solid design recommendations. In comparison, prior testing of this nature could take approximately 5-7 days; utilizing the GeoJac narrows this time frame to 2-3 days. By completing these tests before construction begins, AGS can assist clients in reducing long-term construction or maintenance costs.

The GeoJac provides automatic data acquisition and streamlined report generation. The testing system is mounted on a compact load frame. The tests, done after exploration and prior to report generation, measure the consolidation (settlement) and swelling of soil. With multiple configurations and constant rate testing, the GeoJac will allow AGS to provide safer, more cost-effective design recommendations for its clients.

This machine can be used for any projects that require soil analysis and is easily run by staff engineers. Projects may include geotechnical engineering of industrial facilities, retail facilities, commercial buildings, slope stability and forensic work. Once the tests are run the data are reduced into an automatic report and then used in further analyses and geotechnical report generation for each project.