The Town of Mills contacted Advanced Geotechnical Solutions (AGS) in early 2018, to provide a geotechnical engineering report to develop recommendations to install a new eagle statue, created by Custom Iron Eagles of Libby, Montana, along the southern Gateway into Mills adjacent to Wyoming Boulevard. The eagle, made of mild steel and stainless steel, weighs approximately 8,700 pounds and is planned to commemorate the Town becoming a city as recognized by the U.S. Census.

To ensure that the ground chosen to house the sculpture would hold its weight and wind load from the 48 feet wingspan, over time and in the Wyoming weather that routinely sees winds over 60 mph, AGS provided geotechnical engineering in-kind services. Additionally, the location chosen for the eagle is near a portion of the North Platte River that is often exposed to shallow fluctuating groundwater. As such, having an accurate understanding of the groundwater depth and soil profile was critical.

The final report given by AGS provided options for the structural engineer to develop a safe, cost-effective design for a drilled pier foundation or shallow spread foundation above the water table. The Town of Mills moved forward with Custom Iron Eagles after the geotechnical engineering report was completed.  The eagle was put in place on Wyoming Blvd. near the Mills Town Hall on October 16, 2018.


In December 2020, the Town of Mills hosted a small dedication ceremony for the partners and teams that worked to make this public centerpiece possible. Read more about the ceremony from Wyoming News Now. 

mills eagle dedication