We are excited to welcome back our newest full-time employee, Shantel Ramlo. Shantel was an intern over the summer of 2018 and returned back in January this year to her new position as Geotechnical Engineer I.

Shantel grew up in Brookings, South Dakota and graduated from Brookings High School in 2014. She attended Cornell University and earned her bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, with a focus in Geotechnical Engineering. When asked what her favorite part of geotechnical engineering was, she stated, “I would say my favorite thing about geotechnical engineering is having to use creativity in engineering and building with natural materials. The soil and rock at every site is different and introduces new challenges.” In her spare time, Shantel is an avid outdoorswoman and enjoys hiking and backpacking. At the beginning of last summer, she spent six weeks traveling the western United States, backpacking through a total of 17 National Parks. 

Shantel is a great asset to the team and we are thrilled to have her back. She has already hit the ground running helping us keep on track of our very busy schedule!