Advanced Geotechnical Solutions (AGS) has recently added a hitch mounted coring machine to our services and equipment. This machine allows us to complete advanced coring processes in a simple manner. The easy mobility of the machine being hitch mounted enables us to core and test materials in tight areas. The coring machine also has a 180-degree movement from the center of the hitch and a 36 inch extension arm. AGS can core up to 12 inch diameter with the use of this equipment. Road and bridge explorationconcrete verification testing, and asphalt construction materials testing are just a few of the services that AGS can provide with this machine.  

Recently, the machine has been used to perform explorations on local county and municipality roads. The tool allowed us to reduce the time for exploration significantly and minimized the disturbance to the roadway and traveling public. We have also used the machine to core new asphalt construction for verification.