Elm Street Sanitary Sewer and Water Improvements Project


Project Completed: November 2018

Client: Civil Engineering Professionals, Inc.

Type: Geological Engineering

Location: Douglas, WY

About this Project

Advanced Geotechnical Solutions (AGS) was brought on by CEPI to identify the soils present and recommend pavement sections for Elm Street in Douglas, WY. The project consisted of a sanitary sewer and domestic waterline upgrade along the street. In addition, new lines were trenched through an existing easement that required horizontal directional drilling of the new lines below the BNSF railway. We identified soft subgrade soils along some section of the roadway and more dense granular soils in others. Our recommendations were tailored to conditions present to adequately provide additional roadway strength where needed and efficiency where not needed.

Once the project went to construction this summer, we were retained to provide Construction Materials Testing (CMT) which included density of the subgrade soil and aggregate base as well as fresh mix concrete.