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55 Ranch Road

Client: Converse County Road and Bridge
Project Completed: June 2019

Location: Glenrock, WY

About This Project

In April of 2019Converse County Road and Bridge hired Advanced Geotechnical Solutions (AGS) to provide subsurface exploration and geotechnical engineering recommendations for reconstruction and renovation of 55 Ranch Road north of Rolling Hills, Wyoming.  

During our site exploration, we recorded the subgrade strength and existing pavement sections. In addition, the pavement condition was noted in several sections including an overlay section. Although the structure of this section was sufficient for the anticipated traffic, longitudinal crack sets paralleling each other were noted. This unusual pavement distress required additional exploration of the pavement section and it was ultimately determined that the most likely cause was an issue at the time of construction. We reached out to several sources ranging from local to national spread and this distress pattern had not been encountered previously by these sources. You can trust that we can figure out what is going with your pavements and structures as well!

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