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Advanced Geotechnical Solutions is an engineering firm that specializes in geotechnical engineering, geological engineering, forensic engineering, environmental services, slope stability, and construction materials testing. Below are project examples that we provide for our clients. Please contact us today at 307-439-5439 to discuss your project.

Construction Materials Testing
Forensic Engineering
Geological Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Geotechnical Lab Work
Slope Stability
Maven Front Of Building
Photo Jun 14 2023, 1 02 35 PM
Highland Park Tennis Courts Construction
Surveying Casper Mountain
Brush Creek Road Construction
Finished State Building
Glenrock Town Square
South Spring Creek Dam
Wind Facility Pad
Converse County Bridge Maintenance Shop Construction
Sinclair Refinery
Map Simulation
Centennial Commons
Sulfide Reduction
AGS Employees at Work
Advanced Crew At Work
Antelope Road
Glenrock Housing and Senior Center
Deer Creek Estates
Converse County Testing
Highland Hanover Irrigation Site