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South Windriver Drive

Client: CEPI
Project Began: April 2020
Location: Douglas, WY

About This Project

In April 2020, Advanced Geotechninal Solutions (AGS) was hired by CEPI for work on a new section of Windriver Drive in Douglas, Wyoming.  Primary services will include subsurface exploration and laboratory testing. AGS will also be responsible for the construction materials testing (CMT) once the project construction beings. CMT activities include but not limited to density testing to on pipe backfill, subgrade soils, aggregate base, and asphalt. Field testing of concrete and laboratory testing of soils and aggregates, also curing and testing of concrete.   

This project will consist of a new water line, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer.  The new street is anticipated to have a concrete curbwalk installed on each side and paved with asphalt. The pavement sections are yet to be determined.  

South Windriver Drive