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What We Do

We perform the following services and techniques to ensure the most cost-effective and safe recommendation for your project.

Geotechnical Engineering

From site exploration and laboratory testing to geotechnical engineering analyses and report recommendations, we are with you every step of the way to create safe and budget friendly projects. At AGS, we utilize our engineering education in combination with our extensive experience in geotechnical and geological systems throughout Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain West to expertly analyze your site.

Construction Materials Testing (CMT)

We provide a wide range of construction observation and testing services to help ensure your project is constructed to meet the design plan and specifications. Our AASHTO-Accredited laboratory (Aggregates – Soils – Concrete) can perform a wide range of tests for construction materials testing including, but not limited to, gradations, proctors, plasticity tests, and compressive strength of concrete. Our technicians, many of whom also work in the engineering phase of the project, hold a significant number of training certifications for concrete, aggregates, soils, and asphalt. These trainings often include ACI field and laboratory certifications and WYDOT certifications.

Environmental Analyses

An important element of commercial or rural development is to determine if and what environmental contaminants may have affected your site. We perform Phase I and II environmental site assessments for potential commercial buyers, sellers, and refinancing to help you make an informed decision regarding your financial interests.