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Antelope Street

Client: Town of Bar Nunn, Wyoming
Project Completed: June 2017

Location: Bar Nunn, WY

About This Project

Advanced Geotechnical Solutions (AGS) was hired by the Town of Bar Nunn, Wyoming to provide consultation to both owner and engineer for a soft spot on a main throughfare, Antelope Road. The consultation began by testing a small section of roadway that included cement stabilization of the clay sub-grade and geosynthetic testing. To keep the project on time, it was critical to that AGS have familiarization with the cement stabilization process. Post-laboratory results allowed AGS to provide and alternate design for owner consideration. Additionally, AGS was able to provide valuable information on methods to repair and reconstruct roads in poor soil areas. As an added benefit to the residents of Bar Nunn, these recommendations and analyses will provide cost-effective and safe solutions for this type of work in the future. 

Antelope Road