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South Spring Creek Dam Rehabilitation

Client: Western Heritage Consulting and Engineering
Projected Completion: Late 2021
Location: South Spring Creek Lake southwest of Saratoga, Wyoming, within the Sierra Madre mountain range.

About This Project

Advanced Geotechnical Solutions (AGS) was hired by Western Heritage Consulting and Engineering in the summer of 2020 to perform subsurface exploration, laboratory testing, and an engineering report. Subsequently, AGS gathered information regarding subsurface conditions, including site geology, soil conditions, groundwater, and pseudo-static conditions. We also performed analyses on material properties, slope stability analyses, seepage analyses, and liquefaction analyses. Based on the information received while at the site and through laboratory analyses, we made recommendations for their dam rehabilitation project.

The remote site was difficult to access, so using more rugged equipment and working with the client to choose more accessible construction options helped to solve the access problems. Because of the rough terrain and large cobbles and boulders on the worksite, drilling was difficult. In order to retrieve the samples and subsurface information necessary to provide accurate information, continuous re-drilling was required to obtain the results. Working in an active collaboration with the client helped us to determine the safest and most efficient design for the project.

Dam Rehab
South Spring Creek Dam