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North Glenrock Infrastructure Improvements

Client: Civil Engineering Professionals, Inc.
Project Completed: 2019

Location: Glenrock, WY

About This Project

Advanced Geotechnical Solutions (AGS) was hired by CEPI to identify subgrade soils and provide geotechnical engineering recommendations for various streets in the northwest corner of Glenrock, Wyoming. These consist of utility replacements, pavement resurfacing, and/or complete reconstruction of the roadway.  

During our site exploration, we recorded the subgrade soils encountered, subgrade strength, and existing pavement sections. Based on this information and estimated traffic counts, we provided recommendations for pavement resurfacing and reconstruction sections, as well as for structural overlays if required. In addition, soil characterizations help the contractor plan safe excavations for the project.  

Now that this project has entered the construction phase, we are providing construction materials testing for quality assurance of soil and aggregate densities, concrete, and hot mix asphalt.   

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