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Casper Marginal Project

Client: Ames Construction

Location: Casper, WY

About This Project

The Casper Marginal project site had been part of a necessary reconstruction of highway I-25. This overpass had deteriorated for decades and needed to be reconstructed for safety measures. AGS provided materials testing services for the Casper Marginal project site, including field and lab testing of concrete. This involved an engineering technician traveling to the project site and testing batches of concrete to ensure they met the specifications given for this specific project. Once testing was completed in the field, lab testing involved an engineering testing technician breaking the cylinders that were made when they were testing the concrete in the field. Breaking the cylinders in our lab provided crucial data to the engineers developing the project. For instance, if a cylinder had broken below the optimum PSI, it would have identified a weakness in the concrete that was poured on that specific day, allowing the concrete to be removed and replaced. Solutions for cold weather conditions involved taking additional steps to keep the concrete from freezing, such as providing heat with an industrial-grade heater and blanketing concrete once it had been poured into forms. Despite the inclement weather, Ames Construction completed this project ahead of schedule, and the citizens of Casper and travelers passing through were much safer traveling to and from locations.

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