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Sinclair Oil Refinery

Client: WLC Engineering & Surveying
Projected Completed: April 2018
Location: Evansville, WY

About This Project

Advanced Geotechnical Solutions (AGS) was hired by WLC Engineering, Surveying, and Planning to provide subsurface exploration and foundation recommendations for the FCC Gas Plant Improvements Tier 3 project at Sinclair Oil Refinery in Evansville, Wyoming. The project would consist of adding additional infrastructure that would include a debutanizer with sidestripper, primary absorber, and other ancillary equipment and pumps. 

In February 2018, AGS explored the project site. We encountered sandy clay soil in the top 3.5 to 6.5 feet of the site, with fine to coarse sand below that with varying amounts of gravel. Based on this information, we recommended excavating the topsoil to 6.5 feet and replacing it with WYDOT grade J structural fill.  Knowing that a variety of structures were to be constructed, we recommended rigid monolithic mat foundations or deep foundations for large equipment and shallow foundations for other infrastructure.  


Photo Credit: Sinclair Oil

Sinclair Refinery