Energy Developments for Oil, Gas, Coal, and Uranium

Exploration sites

We provide advanced analyses often using finite element methods for well pads to determine the amount settlement the rig structure may experience during heavy drill stem pulls and provide recommendations for stabilization if required.

Access roads

We analyze potential access roads into new or existing well sites using the BLM “Gold Book” as a reference guide while working closely with the producer and BLM staff.

Horizontal directional drill sites

We perform exploration of HDD sites and provide recommendations for HDD drillers which are project specific and based on the soil and rock encountered.

Process plants

We perform advanced exploration and analyses for the design of oil and gas processing plants to reduce risk and increase cost effectiveness. We follow up these recommendations and designs with construction observation services.

Industrial Facilities

Process plants

Manufacturing facilities


Specializing in Soft and Difficult Subgrades

Commercial Buildings

Multi Unit Shop Buildings

Small to Large Retail Spaces and Developments

We provide services for these facilities using advanced exploration and engineering analyses. Typical facilities and commercial sites include processing plants, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and small to large scale retail developments. These sites are often new locations without site improvements but we also perform forensic investigations and make recommendations for retrofitting and remodeling existing facilities.

We also perform construction observation for the project specializing in foundation and pavement observation.


Small to Large Scale Subdivisions

Single Family Residences

Distress Evaluations

Residential projects are carefully evaluated using advanced techniques because we understand that a client’s home is the most important project. We further understand that over conservative recommendations and designs may be the difference between being able to afford new home construction or not. We strive to provide the best recommendations that are affordable yet will provide the level of service we would expect in our own homes.

Slope Stability

Natural Slopes


Distress Evaluations



Retaining Walls

Natural and manmade slopes are analyzed in a multi-step process starting with advanced exploration and engineering analyses to accurately assess the geometry and strength of the soil materials. The information is then input into a state of the art software program to evaluate the stability. Soil materials include native soils, fill soils and often include geosynthetic layers for various containment projects.

If slopes require a retaining wall to meet project needs we can recommend and design a variety of these systems as well.

Roadways and Parking Lot Section Design

County Road Design

Local Road Design

Paved and Gravel Road Design

Specializing in Soft and Difficult Subgrades

Road sections are designed using a variety of exploration and engineering analyses. Explorations typically include soil type, California Bearing Ratio (CBR), Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD), and Ground Penetrating Radar. In addition, visual observations and roadway evaluation equipment can also be utilized.

Expert Witness Investigation & Testimony

Distressed Buildings

Distressed Slopes

Unfortunately, we often get involved in evaluation of projects of others that have become distressed or failed. These projects are always very in-depth and technically challenging. However, we learn a great deal about the engineering and construction industries during these evaluations which we use to evaluate our analyses and practices.

Dam Safety

Existing dams can be evaluated for safety based on a wide variety of analyses including visual observations, in-situ water levels, piping, slope inclinometers, and slope failure.

Geological Engineering

We can evaluate prospective project locations on a larger scale to determine if a site is suitable for the proposed construction. These typically include making observations of geologic hazards such as expansive or collapsible soils, potential for slope failures, and type of bedrock and corresponding properties.


Construction Materials Testing